Daily Trump Brand Kid Concentration Camps: Ongoing Updates 9/2/18

(In reverse chronological order)

9/1/2018: UNICEF explains the Keep Families Together Act. It’s worth a read. Contact your representative. Donate. Protest. Every bit helps.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 8.23.04 PM

8/31/2018: A thoroughly depressing review of Trump-made atrocity. I know it’s the New York Times and only us libtards read it. And they have this terrible habit of using facts and intelligent reporting. They’re no Fox News – thank f*cking god.

8/30/2018: It wasn’t enough for these racist, evil motherfuckers to abuse refugees and tear families apart refugees. Now they are trying to illegally and immorally invalidate passports of ACTUAL citizens just because they are Hispanic. Just when you think this regime can’t go lower, they sink below. God, I fucking hate these assholes.


8/29/2018: Some tips on how everyone can fight back against this regime’s amoral enterprises. RESIST!

8/28/2018: Echoes of his comments on Trayvon Martin, Obama asserts what every parent should: That these children separated from their parents at the border could be his children. Empathy does not exist with the current regime.


8/27/2018: Just another editorial summing up the litany of evil perpetrated by this regime against the most vulnerable. Please visit Justice In Motion. They are trying to right a bit of these horrific wrongs.

8/26/2018: this racist regime really doesn’t like refugees – not just children but adults, too. They’re letting less and less refugees into the country. Democrats are fighting but they don’t have much leverage. If anyone tried to tell you that the GOP is the lesser of two evils, you should just stop discussing politics with them. You might wanna consider not discussing anything else with them.

8/25/2018: Separated children taken in by foster parents are waking up screaming in the middle of the night. My dream is that some day, every day, as Trump grows older and fatter and even more stupid, he will be plagued with horrific nightmares. Hopefully they will plague him so much that he will want to end his despicable life. Yeah, I said it. I mean it. He’s a raging narcissist so wouldn’t that end be appropriate?

8/24/2018: a bipartisan report concludes that the Trump regime’s zero tolerance policy has exacerbated an already terrible situation. The only shock here is that both parties actually came together to do something. Only this administration’s evil and incompetence could make that happen.

8/23/2018: Apparently the regime’s private prison merchants are not satisfied with being paid to tear human rights away. They are also forcing immigrant detainees to work for free, violating human trafficking laws. So besides traumatizing children for life in a reprehensible policy, they are also bringing back slavery. Well, one of the most famous recent Republican losers, Roy Moore, openly pined for the good old days of the antebellum south.

8/22/2018: The Daily never aired their 2nd part of their expose on the child separation abomination. But because two of Herr Trump’s storm troopers had rough day in court, the Times had to have the Daily have an episode discussing the developments. I really hope this is the beginning of the end for this regime. But that assumes the people and Republican elected officials of this country have any kind of decency. I’m not holding my breath.

8/21/2018: Here’s Part 1 of a story from The Daily, a New York Times podcast. Not that anyone who isn’t a stupid piece of shit doesn’t already know this, but this evil was 100% born of Trump and his henchmen and all their lies and obfuscation just add an evil cover up to an evil policy from an evil organization. And this podcast shines a light on it.

8/20/2018: A mother had her two sons taken away from her because ICE records say she is a gang member. But El Salvador’s government says she is not. To top off this incompetence, the ICE pieces of shot separated the two brothers from each other and one is autistic. Thanks a lot, white folks.

8/19/2018: So things must be getting better now that the Trump regime has been forced by courts to reunite children, right? Wrong. More kids are separated from their parents. You couldn’t write a novel with this much evil and incompetence. 

8/18/2018: Sometimes people are not terrible. A bunch of folks are donating their frequent flyer miles to those victimized by Trump’s evil.

8/17/2018: This is not a recent development but I would not forgive myself if I didn’t mention one of the choices examples of shit to come out of maybe the nastiest cunt on the planet: Ann Coulter, who we all hope looks like she does because she is dying from some horrifically painful disease, said the children separated from their parents at the border were actors. I know she’s just spouting ludicrous things to give her mouth breathing fan base more to lust over but I really can’t wait till she’s dead so I can shit on her grave.

8/16/2018: To a child, this is the equivalent of a Sophie’s Choice:

“In a shelter on Long Island, Nico has been forced to make a decision much too traumatic for any 14-year-old: return to Guatemala and risk death, or stay in the U.S. to pursue relief and potentially never see his parents again.”

What kind of person enacts a policy that results in this kind of evil? No kind of person. Only a vile monster would do so. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when a monster does monstrous things.

8/15/2018: in a SHOCKING development, it turns out the Republican architect of the childhood, Stephen Miller, is a GIANT immigration hypocrite.

8/14/2018: A photo and text essay of various components of the border crisis. I imagine sh*tbag 45 must enjoy flipping through photos of children crying and border patrol stormtroopers spreading fear and pain.

8/13/2018: I couldn’t find anything new and horrific after a quick search on this subject so I’m pushing familiesbelongtogether.com because they’re fighting against these monsters from this amoral regime.

8/12/2018: A toddler wants to die after being separated and subsequently reunited with his father. Sounds like a great summer camp experience to me.

8/10/2018: A judge threatened to hold racist asshole piece of shit Sessions in contempt because his thugs tried to remove a girl from her mother while an appeal was still in process. They aren’t even bothering to try and follow the f*cked up laws and policies they have instituted. I’m praying for the Mexican government to take away Sessions’ grandchildren.

8/9/2018: A toddler died shortly after leaving an ICE detention center. The private contractor basically denied all responsibility and said ICE was in charge of medical care. ICE hasn’t commented. I’m sure the toddler’s death has NOTHING to do with being traumatically detained in a jail with government jack booted thugs as his medical stewards. This regime and their uniformed killers deserve to burn in Hell.

8/8/2018: So the Gesta-er-I mean ICE mother*ckers are cranking the air conditioning to extreme levels so detained asylum seekers are freezing. The ICE mother*ckers even take away any extra blankets from people so they only get one blanket which is not enough. In a sworn statement, “Maria’s 4-year-old son had become “very sick” because of the cold, it notes.” I’d like to throw these ICE mother*ckers in a freezer and forget to come back.

8/7/2018: I know it’s wrong to revel in the schadenfreude of a Trump supporter’s wife being deported. Or is it just karma? 

8/6/2018: In a Virginia detention center, Inhumane treatment such as “children as young as 14 stripped naked, shackled, strapped to chairs, their heads encased in bags, left for days or longer in solitary confinement, and in some cases beaten and bruised”. Even younger children were subjected to equal or worse treatment in a detention center in Texas.

What did these kids do to deserve this?

8/5/2018: The song goes that you should accentuate the positive. I’m not about that life. 37% of Americans are down with the separation policy. These are your neighbors.

8/4/2018: Ivana says the separation of children from their parents at the border was a low point for her. I’m sure it was very hard to deal with the situation while her three children sit comfortably by her in her mansion. 

8/3/2018: The Trump regime wants the ACLU to find the parents who were deported without their children. It’s one thing to be evil, which Trump and his dogs are. It’s another to cause great immoral damage and try to force an organization with a fraction of its resources and no liability to undo their evil.

8/2/2018: Apparently, HHS warned the Trump administration that separating kids at the border was a bad idea. The most surprising thing about this story is that there was an actual Trump official who had the IQ high enough to realize this.

8/1/2018: A Migrant Boy Rejoins His Mother, but He’s Not the Same

Thiago, left, plays with a relative. Once partial to playing with impish yellow Minions, he now amuses himself by re-enacting Border Patrol agents patting down and shackling migrants. Credit Todd Heisler/The New York Times

7/31/2018: So they’re dosing kids now. Can’t imagine why a kid would need a sedative in an allegedly safe and healthy environment. Laura Ingraham says the centers are like summer camps. People on Fox News on fair and balanced, right?

Funny thing is…I don’t remember needing meds when I went to summer camp.

7/30/2018: Most of the light has been shined on families being separated and those who are still separated. It’s important to remember that children who have been reunited with their families have been severely traumatized.

“One little girl, Meybelin, who is now back in El Salvador with her father after more than a month of separation in an Arizona detention center won’t let him out of her sight.”

“If she doesn’t see me for a second,” her father explains, “she says, ‘Daddy where are you?’”

I’m slowly counting to ten. I’m taking deep breaths. I’m repeating my mantra.

What I really want to do I am not going to write down.

7/29/2018: Treating children like trash. ‘Nuff said.

7/28/2018: It’s ok everybody! The Trump regime’s very best family uniter has notified us that all the “eligible” families have been unifiedand they have met the court ordered deadline.

I’ll let my favorite Republican character Jack Donaghy summarize my thoughts:

“Rich, white men have been creating and solving problems for centuries. Where’s our history month?”

Sadly, that “joke” is really how things are. They are how things have always been and you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think they will always be this way.

7/27/2018: I don’t believe my usual commentary is needed for this update. I’ll generally make light of any horrific thing but I’m not feeling that today. You can read the full story here. I personally cannot believe haphazardly built and staffed concentration camps for children resulted in unforeseen and horrific consequences.

7/25/2018: in a mind boggling display of evil, the Trump SS (or ICE as they are legally known) may have deported hundreds of parents WITHOUT THEIR KIDS. Just when I think this regime can’t go any lower, they exceed my expectations. Bravo!

7/23/2018: be careful what you wish for… remind me not to complain about no new fresh updates on this story. .It turns out haphazardly constricted kiddie jails staffed by racist and xenophobic government thugs don’t constitute the best living environment .

7/20/2018: on the home pages of The Washington Post and The New York Times, there is not one single article or opinion piece on the separation of children from undocumented immigrants. This story first broke in May and I’m not criticizing the papers for featuring new stories. This just feels like the American populace’s goldfish sized memory has played right into the standard Republican playbook that’s employed after any incident that’s embarrassing to the GOP. This play is called just wait and they’ll forget. Hell, it’s worked for all the mass shootings. And I get that rage is not something that can be sustained for long periods for most people. I guess the update here is that it bummed me out that there is no update.

7/11/2018: In a shocking article, anti-immigration sentiment, championed by the conservative White right, is based on racial resentment.

7/4/2018: Today is Independence Day in the United States of America. An amoral fucker named thomas jefferson  wrote the document that declared the 13 colonies’ freedom from the British Empire. The bit that I wanna focus on goes like this: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” What does this have to do with Trump brand concentration camps? Well it says “All men,” right? It doesn’t say just men who are citizens of the United States, right? It doesn’t say “except for undocumented immigrants,” right? And then there’s that bit about “pursuit of happiness”. I get there are people out there who don’t like their kids. But they’re a relatively small subset. And I think it’s safe to say that not every father whose had his child or children taken from him by ICE agents hates their children. Sure, maybe some do. But let’s say it’s not 100%. So I guess this country, now that many parents have NOT all been reunited with their children and it looks less and less likely that they will be, is not really living up to this propaganda statement. These men who have been separated from their children certainly look to be impeded from their pursuit of happiness (oh and that liberty thing, too). If you consider the amoral, racistcowardlyhypocriticalraping human fecal matter who wrote these noble words and you consider the grotesque crimes he committed and protected, you begin to realize these words are nothing more than empty slogans.

7/3/2018: Sessions, one of Trump’s dogs, recently decided that asylum seekers, while waiting for their extremely long review process to be completed, cannot seek work. It’s ok. Most of these asylum seekers are probably independently wealthy people or have access to family in the United States that can host them and pay for all their living expenses. Those seekers were stealing jobs that should be going to real Americans, right? Do you have any idea how many real Americans are desperately trying to get work picking crops on farms? It’s a crisis!

6/24/2018: Trump calls undocumented immigrants invaders. “We cannot allow all of these people to invade our country,” trump tweeted. (See screen following screen capture in case the human fecal stain decides to delete the tweet – who am I kidding – that would require shame or remorse.) Yeah, those armies of children monstrous swarm ready to flow into our sacred land steal all the education and welfare from the poor, marginalized white ruling class.

6/22/2018 (b): Melania Stays On Message, Which Is: Fuck People of Color

6/22/2018: Here’s a detailed explanationof Trump’s executive order. Like most legal documents, it is open to interpretation and promises little. And as is common with this regime, it does not address all the salient issues as one would expect a competently written document to do. Further, if we care to interpret the intent and spirit of the order to indeed attempt to put an end to child separation, even in cases when parents are criminally charged, it’s curious to me why the pentagon was ordered to prepare itself to shelter 20,000children. Obama did the same thing on a smaller scale. But if the vaguely announced intent of this regime is to keep families together why isn’t the pentagon being ordered to make room for adults as well? Like I wrote yesterday, this order is just a legal document, historically one of the weakest and most transgressed ways to keep a promise.

6/21/2018: Trump, in a miraculous development, and despite his statements to the contrary, has ordered his henchmen to stop prosecuting families, thereby effectively ending their terror experiment (probably – I don’t give much credence to a piece of paper until I see it executed).

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